AA639 Exchangeable fixture kit (230mmx580mm) 6TL08W

AA639 Exchangeable fixture kit (230mmx580mm) 6TL08W


6TL-08 Table-top Tester

6TL-08N Table-top Tester

Fixture cassette to be used in the 6TL-08N or 6TL-08W (Adaption kit needed)
This cassette Includes an ITA frame for 8 YAVmodules or VPC 90 series modules.

The kit consists off:
1) A 10mm thick ESD perspex top pusher plate with 10 push fingers and 4 protection plate push rods. 2) A 5mm thick probe protection plate, includes two handles for easy removal and placement of the kit into the 6TL-08 and 2 guide pins.

Assembly information 6TL kits

Click on picture for assembly info.

3) A 10mm thick probe plate with springs and bearings to align the probe protection plate. (max PCB size 250x300mm)
4) 3mm thick perspex receptacle protection plate
5) 6TL-08,  VPC 90 compatible series Mass Interconnect ITA with 8 ITA slots.

Click to Download the 6TL-08 catalogue for more information:
Click to Download the Fixture Kit 3D Step block
Click to Download the Fixture Kit design rules

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