H7300351B HV (High Voltage 10kV) Switching matrix 19 inch

H7300351B HV (High Voltage 10kV) Switching matrix 19 inch


H7300351B (High Voltage Mux 1�4 Ch with discharge. relay 10KV)

HV switching unit

48ch HV 15Kv switching, integrated.

? CAN bus controlled HV switching matrix
? Hipot test up to 15kV
? NC relay for discharge resistor
? Power up and High Voltage indications
? Customized configuration options
? Compact size: 19? rack 1U height

This switching matrix enables the switching between different test poinits, when performing dielectric strenght test and Hipot test. It is featuring High Voltage relays, controlled through CAN bus. The module features one relays normally closed, with a red LED that is indicating its status, that when no power, will keep J2 and J3 input terminals linked through a resistor, to ensure electric discharge of all loads after the test. Conexions are made with special high voltage conectors. Input terminals from Hipot tester are in front of the module, while up to 8 outputs are in the back panel. A 4 wire connector in the back plane, is used for powering up the device and control through CAN bus.

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