YAV90059 Very High Density Multiconfiguration Mux

YAV90059 Very High Density Multiconfiguration Mux


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YAV90059 configureerbare multiplexer.

• 128 to 16 Mux
• 8 Banks 16 Channel 1 Pole
• 8 Banks 8 Channel 2 Pole
• 2A/250VAC
• Max. switching 62,5VA
• CAN bus
• Form G
The YAV90059 module can be configured in different ways depending the application needed: from 8-bank, 16-channel, 1 pole to 8-bank, 8-channel, 2 pole, or also 128 Channel 1-pole among other possibilities. It uses high quality electro-mechanical relays allowing each channel to switch current up to 2A and voltage up to 220VDC/250VAC.
Larger multiplexers may be constructed thanks to connecting free pins available in each of the banks, and also connecting to other YAV modules thanks to the test fixture.
Meer informatie over deze configureerbare multiplexer kunt u vinden via deze link!
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