YAV90063 4x 8x 5A Double Pole Mux

YAV90063 4x 8x 5A Double Pole Mux


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• Configurable in banks of 8 relays
• 5A 250VAC Switching current
• 32 DPST Relays
• Max. switching 62,5 VA
• CAN bus controll

3. Description and main features

The YAV90063 module contents 32 DPST Relays forming four banks of 2-Pole 1 to 8 ports. All the banks common pins are connected with a twine contact that makes easy to configure the options of:
• 4 x (1 to 8)
• 2 x (1 to 16)
• 1 x (1 to 32)
• 2 x (1 to 8) + 1 x (1 to 16)
• 1 x (1 to 8) + 1 x (1 to 24)

Joining two or more YAV90063 modules, the multiplexer can be increased until cover the test requirements.

As the configuration bridges are in the ITA side. The multiplexer can be configured hardware wise, automatically for each fixture.

The YAV90063 module  is suitable for switching inductive/capacitive loads up to 5A at 250VAC. It uses high quality electro-mechanical relays allowing each channel to switch voltage up to 220VDC/250VAC.
Larger multiplexers may be constructed thanks to connecting free pins available in each of the banks, and also connecting to other YAV modules thanks to the test fixture

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