YAV90132 32 Channel 5A SPDT relays

YAV90132 32 Channel 5A SPDT relays



• Up to 5A per relay contact
• Tripaddle VPC receiver fixture
• Built in stabilized power supply
• Self module identifier

Catalogue overview available YAVModules

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• Stimulus, load, by-pass, etc. switching

The YAV90132 has 28 independent operating switching relays and 4 normally open relays with one common:
• 1x 28 relays with common contact (NO and NC)
• 1x 4 relays with normally open contact with one common

A typical application is signal routing in automatic test systems, where it is imperative to ensure a real disconnection of one signal before the injection of another one.

The availability of the three contacts (Common, NO and NC) offer the configuration of different switching combinations, from tree type to matrix type switching, with total maximum current up to 5A.

The board is controlled by a for pole connector containing the 24Vdc input, to power the board and all relays. The same connector contains also the two Can bus lines to control the YAV90132.

The module features a logic address setting by means of a set of dip switches. A maximum of 64x YAV90132 boards are possible in one test system.

A virtual software panel, that can be used with National Instruments LabView® or TestStand®, is available to simply integrate the instrument into the test sequence.


Technical data
Rated current 2 A
Rated voltage 240 VAC
Mechanical endurance of relays 15 x 106 cycles

Power supply

Rated operation voltage 19 … 29 VDC
Max. current req. @ 24Vdc 390mA

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