YAV904X8 4×8 matrix 2A bipolar relays

YAV904X8 4x8 matrix 2A bipolar relays



• 32 two pole relays up to 125V 0,5A
• Configurable as matrix or scanner mode
• Double tripaddle contact per connection Power supply of 24VDC only
• Automatic identification of the module
• National Instruments LabView drivers

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• Two or tour wires measuring instruments commutation
• 2 wire floating loads selection

Typical application for the YAV904X8 are Isolated measurements (no reference to GND) performed by DMMs (2 or 4 wire). The board contains four groups of eight relays each; these can be configured either as a 32 position scanner or a matrix.

The board is powered and controlled by a four pin connector containing the 24Vdc input to power the board and all relays.
The same connector contains also the two Can bus lines to control the board. All relay outputs are isolated from the power supply.

The module features a logic address setting by means of a set of dip switches. A maximum of 64x YAV904X8 boards are possible in one test system.

A virtual software panel, that can be used with National Instruments LabView® or TestStand®, is available to simply integrate the instrument into the test sequence.

Electric specification

Rated current (Cos. Phi=1) 0,5A @ 125VAC
Max. switching voltage DC 125 VDC
Max. switching voltage AC 125 VAC

Power supply

Rated operation voltage 19 … 29 VDC
Max. current req. @ 24Vdc 390 mA

Contact specification

Maximum switching power 62.5 VA
Mechanical endurance 15x 106 cycles
Electrical endurance >100.000 Operations
Max. Electr.operation Freq. 1800 operations/hr
Dielectric strength (1 min) 750VAC 50/60 Hz
Contact resistance <50 mOhm
Operate time 7 ms
Release time 3 ms

Ordering information

Description P/N
Two pole 4×8 Switching Matrix board YAV904X8 YAV904X8

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Sub-Category: Muliplexers

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