YAV90ISP 8x Fast ISP and I2C/SPI Interface

YAV90ISP 8x Fast ISP and I2C/SPI Interface


• Interface for universal In-System Programmers up to 8 simultaneous targets in parallel
• Isolation relay barrier / De-multiplexer module to increase to up 32 devices
• Keeps extremely short wires for keeping signal integrity
• I2C and SPI communications interface

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The YAV90ISP standalone in-site programming interface has been designed to simplify and standardize the wiring in testing platforms that use fast ISP and/or I2C / SPI data communications.

All active lines, included power supply and GND are switched by a relay barrier, allowing the ATE system perform FCT when completed ISP. The relays are distributed in blocks and can be controlled either by the ATE system or the ISP controller. With some hardware arrangement, the interface can behave as a multiplexer, extending the number of targets.

The YAV90ISP allows the user to multiplex from an ISP for one target, which can be be enlarged to up to 16 direct or 32 multiplexed targets.

Thanks to using the YAV90ISP, all the fixturing strategy can be standarized from the programming point of view, since the interface will force the position of the programming lines of whatever programmer the platform is using

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