ECT Metrix, fine pitch LFRE probes.

Metrix series Test Probes.

With more than two decades of experience in bare board electrical test, ECT offers the world’s largest selection of off-the-shelf and custom probes for each application. The proven performance of our bare and loaded board test probes continues to set the industry standard for performance, reliability and value. Specially for the ever growing demand for smaller pitches in PCB Manufacturing and Test, ECT developed MetriX™ The MetriX series probes where designed for close center probing of loaded PCBs, and provides test access down to 39 mil [1 mm] centers and 18 mil [0,46mm] diameter targets. MetriX probes are available with traditional high-performance gold plating, a wide range of spring forces, and ECT’s proprietary LFRE plating for increased life and resistance to contamination. The “receptacle-less” design allows a 50 mil diameter probe to be used in 39 mil locations, resulting in a more robust test probe solution. The Metrix series probes can be used in conventional loaded board Test fixtures up to 0,039″ (1mm) pitch. These probes are an addition to our conventional Pogo probes and our LFRE (Lead-Free) series of Pogo probes.

Visit the Testprobes download page.
Testprobes download page.

More Information on Metrix Test Probes;

  1. Available Tip Styles and Test Centers
    • -39 (.039 / 1,00mm)
    • -50 (.050 / 1,27mm), see Picture below.
  2. Goto the download page for more information by clicking the picture.
ECT Metrix, fine pitch LFRE probes.

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