Production Test

As a strong partner for the electronic industry Digitaltest develops and manufactures automated test equipment (ATE) for electronic printed circuit boards (PCB), software for production automation and quality management systems.

Digitaltest has created innovative and often pioneering solutions that integrate CAD, test and production to optimize the entire manufacturing process. Digitaltest also offers extensive service and support options, up to complete outsourcing of your board testing requirements at any of our facilities all over the globe.

Digitaltest hardware and software is being used in key industries including aerospace, avionics, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial and consumer electronics and more. With over 2,000 installations around the world, Digitaltest is a trusted partner to the industry.

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The paperless repair software C-LINK QMan is a high performance Quality MANagement system. It helps electronic manufacturers to achieve higher quality assurance, reduce manufacturing costs and cut repair time.
C-LINK QMan automatically imports all test results from ATE (automatic test equipment), AOI (automatic optical inspection) and AXI (automatic x-ray inspection) systems.

Failure data is automatically monitored for repeated failures specified by the user. By generating real time trend alarms to stop the production of faulty boards it facilitates the whole process control and enables fast failure diagnosis and repair.

In addition it feeds back quality information so that manufacturing managers and supervisors can fix the overall process. Incoming failure data is stored in QMAN’s database (MS-SQL Server) for recovery by paperless graphical repair stations which automatically locate failures graphically on cross-linked board layout and circuit diagram and display a fault catalog that identifies the most probable cause of failure.

Visual Inspection stations allow an operator to enter faults by click onto the faulty part in the layout viewer. This quality data will be written into the QMAN database. A check list with the parts he needs to inspect guide the operator.
Report stations generate standard and custom quality reports extracted from QMan database, showing most common causes and producers of failures, etc., to ensure that upstream processes are fixed and improved.

C-LINK Design to Manufacture Software

C-LINK DTM is the link between CAD, Test and Repair, connecting to them all on a single platform.  C-Link uses CAD data and Schematics data in combination with the BOM (Bill of Material) to generate output files enabling your tester to generate a testprogram and building a test fixture with the generated wiring lists and drildata. Digitaltest‘s CAD/CAM Software has evolved since it’s introduction, into the market leader, providing a standard for these tools. C-LINK supports almost all existing CAD systems and Test systems currently available on the market.

  1. Linking Design to Test and production
  2. Improves profitability and product quality,
  3. Cuts test costs  
  4. Reduces test time and time to market.

A nice article about “why” and the advantages of integration C-Link and Q-man in your electronics production environment, can be found here!!

Digitizer software tool.

Digitizer helps you recover the CAD design of boards with obsolete or missing CAD information and enable you to repair or even re-manufacture the boards again.
With the help of the Digitizer the board data is re-created and all the connectivity is learnt. A CAD file for the board can then be generated that has all the board components and nets and that can be used in repair and/or re-manufacturing.

The Output can be used with Bed of Nails or Flying Probe testers to test boards of the same type.
The Output can also be used as an input to other processes that can re-produce the schematics and re-manufacture the board.

Digitizer Main features:

  • Handling all component types
  • Extracting net list connectivity automatically
  • No board scratching with Condor “Softlanding”
  • Uses schematics and BOM if present for faster processing, if not Digitizer helps re-producing them.
  • Using the CCD camera of Condor flying prober that produces a magnified accurate image to help through digitizing processes.
  • Very high percentage of up to 100% in matching the board under process.
  • Reverse engineering of PCB’s made easy.

Below a short video that explains the advantages of this tools.