As a strong partner for the electronic industry Digitaltest develops and manufactures automated test equipment (ATE) for electronic printed circuit boards (PCB), software for production automation and quality management systems.

Digitaltest has created innovative and often pioneering solutions that integrate CAD, test and production to optimize the entire manufacturing process. Digitaltest also offers extensive service and support options, up to complete outsourcing of your board testing requirements at any of our facilities all over the globe.

Digitaltest hardware and software is being used in key industries including aerospace, avionics, automotive, telecommunications, medical, industrial and consumer electronics and more. With over 2,000 installations around the world, Digitaltest is a trusted partner to the industry.

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The testing of electronic components requires comprehensive quality control and today’s production processes for printed circuit boards can no longer be imagined without it. The correct functionality and safety of products can only be ensured by comprehensive electronic tests. Visual inspection alone will not reveal faulty concealed soldered joints or faulty or out of specification electrical/electronic devices.

With our Digitaltest test systems, faults can be identified early in the production process with test costs being much less expensive than the costs associated with a complaining and dissatisfied customer.

With a wide range of ATE such as Bed of Nails test systems and Flying Probe Systems along with various software products, such as CAD/CAM interface Software, Automatic test program generation and Paperless Repair Software we are able to provide complete test solutions for manufacturers of electronic printed circuit boards.

With close collaboration with our worldwide customer base we have been able to develop customized solutions to satisfy the most stringent test requirements.

30 years of experience in the different areas of electronic equipment manufacturing has made us into a trusted partner for all your test applications.

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