Terms & Conditions


  1. Prices are for delivery ex warehouse, unless other conditions have been agreed upon.
  2. Transportation cost and insurance are for account of buyer, unless otherwise specified.
  3. Depending on the ordered goods and the order amount, we maintain the right to charge for cost of handling.
  4. The goods remain property of the seller, until payment of invoice is completed.
  5. The seller shall not be liable for any contingency beyond his reasonable control.
  6. The seller shall not be liable for any claim from the buyer, resulting from a delay in delivery time.
  7. Quotations are made without liability and will be honoured for no longer than 30 days, unless otherwise specified.
  8. Where the goods of this invoice to be supplied/supplied to you, are/have been imported, prices of the goods have been based on the present rate of exchange. Should there be a change in the currency rates, we maintain the right to readjust the price of the goods accordingly.
  9. Any improvements of design and construction of equipment supplied, required by the state of development, are allowed.
  10. Payment: nett, within 30 days from date of invoice, unless otherwise specified. Seller will charge for interest and all collecting costs, from 31st day after date of invoice.
  11. Upon receipt of the goods of this purchase order and after acceptance of the goods supplied, Romex can not be held responsible for possible visible and/or invisible damage to the goods. It is advisable to inspect the goods immediately on delivery by the forwarder, before signing forwarder’s document for approval/acceptance. In case of damage, Romex should be notified about same in writing, within 4 days after delivery of the goods by forwarder.
  12. Complaints about the quality of the goods supplied can only be accepted within 14 days after date of delivery at buyer’s establishment. The seller shall not be liable for any claim from the buyer, resulting from inadequate inspection of the supplied goods.
  13. Where seller’s equipment is installed by seller’s engineer(s) to customer’s  satisfaction, no subsequent liability will be accepted by the seller.
  14. Where customer’s equipment and accessories, at his request, are being repaired by an engineer engaged by Romex, no subsequent liability will be accepted by Romex for any damage which may occur during repair or after start-up of the equipment.
  15. The supply of seller’s goods will be according to conditions, confirmed in the order acknowledgement.
  16. Any dispute shall be settled exclusively by the court of Utrecht (Netherlands).

In those cases, for which the above mentioned “General Terms and Conditions” do not provide, the “General Conditions for the Instruments ‘ Sector”, issued by the “Vereniging Federatie Het Instrument” FHI, Amersfoort and deposited at the  “Griffie of the Arrondissementsrechtbank”, Utrecht on 22nd December 1998 under number 429/1998 and also at the Chamber of Commerce for Gooi-, Eem-, and Flevoland (Netherlands), Amersfoort on 20th November 1998 under number 40507574 ,  are valid. At your request we will send you copy of these conditions. Or you ask us for an English copy via this link. of een Nederlandse versie via deze link.

In case you have any questions about the above Terms and Conditions please contact us at info@romex.nl.

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