High Current Probes.

High Current Test Probes
High Current Test Probes

The maximum continuous current rating of a spring probe is determined by its design, size and construction. Typical probes are rated from 2 to 8 amps maximum continuously current at working travel. While this is sufficient for most board test applications, higher current applications will require a much more solid and rugged probe to withstand current capabilities of 10 to 150 amps and beyond.

ECT High Current Probe Features

  • Low resistance plungers
  • PogoPlus® Bias Ball construction, (guarantees a continues low internal resistance over the entire probe travel)
  • High Current optimized base material and plating
  • Higher temperature spring design to handle higher current flows during a longer period.
  • Specialized high current tip geometry to guarantee a good contact under all circumstances.
High current probe catalog
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Another high current solution is our Feed-Through Plunger probe line. As the name already describes, the plunger moves right through the probe and is made from a single piece, reducing the internal resistance of the probe to a minimum. 
With increasing current, any resistance within the probe will generate heat. 
The higher the current the more heat is generated.

Another consideration is test cycle time. All probes are rated at continuously current carrying capability. During a test sequence the current might not be present at all time, giving the probe time to cool off and potentially being able to carry far more than the rated amps on the datasheet.

Please consult Romex for details on higher or pulsed current applications. You can use our contact page for this.

Visit the Testprobes download page.
Test Probes download page.

High Current Benefits Summary

  • Multiple probe options to chose from:  10A up to 150A DC
  • Consistent and high current carrying capacity
  • High force lowers resistance & ensures solid contact
  • Resistance as low as 5 mOhm
  • Tips engineered to increase contact points and reduce arcing
  • Ideal for high volume production or engineering lab
  • Rugged designs for in-line applications

An overview of our High Current Test Probe Range,

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