Infinity Connector

An Infinite Number of Connections

VPC’s latest high speed technology allows for concerns about cycle life and lost time due to PCB soldering and change out to be a thing of the past. The unique design of VPC’s VTAC, QuadraPaddle, and Micro Power SIM connectors allows for change out and replacement of pass-thru inserts while preserving the right angle connection to the PCB.  VPC’s SIM module offers up to 34 positions and allows for mixed input/output combinations. Experience the infinity Connector yourself.

See below to learn more on the new VPC infinity connector.



Operating Voltage & Current5 amps max continuous (600V max)
Contact Resistance25 mOhms max
Insulation Resistance5000 MOhms min
Dielectric Withstanding1500 VDC min
Mating Force.24 lbs (109 g)
Contact Plating30µ” Au over 100µ” Ni

Micro Power

Operating Voltage & Current21 amps continuous
Contact Resistance1.5 mOhms max
Dielectric Withstanding1500 VDC min
Mating Force1.23 lbs (558 g)
Contact Plating30µ” Au over 100µ” Ni


Operating Voltage & Current3 amps cont ( 350v max)
Contact Resistance30 mOhms max 
Insulation Resistance1000 MOhms min
Dielectric Withstanding1050 VDC min
Mating Force0.6 lb per insert
Contact Plating50 µ” Au over 100µ” Ni
Data Rate10+ Gpbs/diff pair (rt angle)
Crosstalk -30 dB min
Impedance100+/-10 Ohms/diff pair
Insert MaterialOuter Shell-LCP Male Contact- Alloy 7025
Read more on VTAC through here!!
Sample integration in a G20 Mass Interconnect receiver in front of a PXI rack
Sample integration in a G20 Mass Interconnect receiver in front of a PXI rack.

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