ECT’s high frequency, HF, test probes

feature low impedance (typically 50 ohms) and a wide band width (up to 20 GHz) for cellular phone applications, network analysers, time domain reflectometers and other RF/HF measurements.
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ECT offers high current test probes,

for powered functional testing of connectors, wire harnesses, modules and other devices drawing up to 150A. Our high current probes features low resistance plungers and high-current-capacity tips. More and latest information on our High Current Test probe newsletter.

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A switch probe,

is designed primarily for “presense/electrical” test applications such as detecting the absense or presense of contacts within a wire harness connector. In this case, the switch probe provides electrical interconnection and verifies the connector has been maufactured properly. If contacts are missing or out of place, the part is rejected. If all the contacts are in place, the part is accepted and an electrical test is performed, verifying electrical intergrity of the connector and the wires within the harness.

Board Marker Probes, Switch Probes and High Current Probes.
Board Marker Probes, Switch Probes and High Current Probes.

Everett Charles Technologies’ versatile line of battery interconnect probes

gives you design flexibility to match your performance, cost, and assembly requirements. Our design expertise and complete manufacturing capabilities will help you bring your product to market faster and easier.

Battery probes

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