Het 6TL YAVPack.
The 6TL Yavpack

YavPack, A complete compact functional test solution for small to medium production quantities. Ideal for EMS companies (Electronic Manufacturing services).

Universal test systems are  perfect solutions if you have large quantities of loaded Printed Circuit Boards (PCB’s) that need to be tested or if the PCB is for an industry where thorough testing is required, like medical, military, avionics or even automotive.
But what do you do if your customer wants you to do a functional test before you ship the PCB to your customer and he is not willing to invest in a complex test system, or you do not have the people to develop such a system and develop the test programs for it?
The above situation is a typical example where the 6TL Engineering YAVPacks offer an ideal solution.
The key advantages of our YAVPacks are:

  • Easy to program, using MSES Software and MS Excel (LabView drivers are provided for advanced programming solutions)
  • Standalone operation and powerful measuring capabilities with switching in one compact unit.
  • In combination with a testfixture it offers a complete standalone functional test unit. (SmartFixture*)
  • CanBus is used to connect the various modules together with minimal in-system wiring.
  • A 24V power supply for powering the measurement electronics and to apply voltages to the Unit Under Test (UUT)

The hart of each YAVPack is our new YAV90MMU which has the following measurement capabilities;

YAV90MMU Controller
  • 4 3/4 digits true RMS auto ranging up to 600 VAC,
  • VAC, VDC, Ohms, Pt100 (temperature), IAC, IDC, Capacitors, Diodes
  • Frequency meter (Up to 400 MHz) and Duty Cycle (Up to 1MHz)
  • Peak hold function
  • Scanner x16, 600VRMS measurement channels.
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) > 1500V between measurement channels
  • Two isolated and programmable Pulse Generator Channels with selectable output Voltage
  • External trigger-In and Trigger-Out SMBV connectors
  • Control via CAN bus or Ethernet (LXI), Gateway LAN to CAN bus for remote monitoring and fault finding.
  • 8 Programmable digital outputs (PNP 24VDC 300 mA)
  • Up to 10 readings per second
  • Expandable switching, I/O or measurement capabilities using additional CAN Controlled YAV Modules
  • Extreme reliable, High quality Mass Interconnect module (> 20.000 cycles) (VPC 90 Series Compatible)
  • RTOS based processor with build-in test steps sequence controller (capacity up to 2000 programming steps). Download the YAV90MMU Brochure
Mses test software
MSES test sequencer in Excel.

The YAV90CIN switching module is present to control & monitor the power and loads that need to be connected to the UUT.

  • A YAVCANCON module counts test cycles, detect PCB presence and can be used for identification and maintenance routines.
  • In combination with a CanBus controlled small Man Machine Interface (MMI) the YAVPacks can be controlled and operated.
  • For easy programming an optional MSES licence offers your test engineers a test script to be created using MS-Excel. The generated test sequence (max 2000 test Instructions) is uploaded to the YAVPack using the LAN interface.
  • To monitor, fault-find and calibrate the YAV modules we provide an additional software package called Phi6 explorer
  • voorbeeld configuratie YAVPack
    YAVPack in different configurations.

    Yavpacks are available in various configurations depending on each customers specific needs, so there is always a good solution for your needs.

    Each YAVPack configuration always includes a YAV90MMU, and housing with power supply and control buttons (MMI) and room for for max 3 additional YAVModules.

    The YAVPack can also be included in a standard testfixture to create a SmartFixture or low-cost testplatform . (follow the links to get more information.)

    The YAVPack is part of the fastATE concept from 6TL engineering and can be re-used in all fastATE testplatforms.

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