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Test probe – test pin – spring probe – pogo pin; these are all generic terms to describe a component that traditionally is used to make contact with printed circuit boards (PCBs) or electrical components, in order to test functionality and to measure the value of the components. They are widely used in vacuum or mechanically operated test fixtures associated with automatic test equipment (ATE). They are also used inside a functional test station as part of a larger production line.

A standard testprobe
A standard testprobe

The test probe is comprised of a metal tube, ready assembled with a spring and contact plunger, supplied as a one-piece item. They are usually gold plated as gold is an excellent electrical conductor and is resistant to corrosion. The electrical cable is generally connected to a receptacle which the test probe inserts into. The use of a receptacle allows the test probe to be removed for cleaning or replacement without having to disconnect the electrical cable. (See picture)

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The PogoPlus® Series address the unique demands of loaded board testing, featuring an enhanced version of the legendary bias-ball design to virtually eliminate “false opens”. Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) offers a comprehensive portfolio of off-the-shelf probes for board, module and final assembly test, which are available at short lead times. For applications, in which ECT’s vast selection of off-the-shelf probes doesn’t meet the requirements of the specific application, ECT’s in-house design and manufacturing resources will develop the solution that addresses the dedicated needs.

In board, module and final assembly test, customers face a wide range of spring probe parameter requirements including overall length, tip geometry, force, size and mounting options. The combination of a comprehensive off-the-shelf portfolio with in-house design and manufacturing for dedicated applications makes ECT the leading solutions supplier.

Many of ECT’s general purpose probes are designed for rugged operating environments such as high temperature and high current resulting in industry proven durability and reliability even in the most challenging environmental conditions. Many ECT general purpose probes feature a full diameter bias ball that provides an uncompromised bias for stable performance at any compression. Because of this feature ECT general purpose probes are an ideal choice for high current and high temp applications such as burn-in, or for use in high shock and vibration environments.

General purpose probes include the industry proven Pylon line as well as EPA/SPA/HPA probes and the A-S, C-S, E-S, F-S and G-S line of probes.

Click on the individual page below to zoom in. LFRE and MetriX series for Lead-free applications and the PogoPlus series for all other needs.


ECT LFRE- POGO and Metrix probes tip overview.
LFRE Probes have a special harder, smoother and more durable tip coating specially for Lead free soldered boards. / Our Pogo Contact Probes have a Gold finish for all non-lead free contact area’s. / Our Metrix probes are specially designed for fine pitch applications on a lead free or other contact surface.



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