Quality-960x380QRM software solution, stands for Improved Yield, Quality and Decision Making.

QRM is a web based result management system that stores and analyses test results. It is a flexible system using web servers, databases and ATML XML data which can be set-up on a single computer, servers or cloud solutions. ATML (Automated Test Markup Language) is an XML standard to exchange test data.

QRM Software
All important information at your fingertips.
  • Powerful web interface – easy access to view and analyze yor results in your browser
  • Ability to connect production sites – post ATLM XLM reports from all over the world using HTTP
  • Instant production feedback – watch test results as they are produced
  • Easy exporting of data – export your test data directly to Excel or Minitab as a CSV file
  • Built-in SPC and MSA – perform SPC and MSA analysis directly in the web interface
  • TestStand result processor – connect your TestStand system directly to QRM


QRM is a distributed system that can be configured in different ways to match your needs and IT infrastructure. QRM data consists not only by the measurement data, but also a lot of additional information such as traceability of the station and equipment used, configuration version and additional UUT (Unit Under Test) information.

It is also possible to attach any kind of file with the reports (graphs, log files etc).

QRM Consists of three major parts

  • Database.   The test data repository in SQL Server
  • Storage System.  Storing and synchronizing test data over the internet using ATML and web services to the database in a robust and secure way.
  • Presentation and Analysis System. Presentation, report and statistical analysis of test data through a web application

Each test program acts as a QRM storage client that post test results as ATML XML reports. The reports are handled by a HTTP web service that will forward data over a secured network connection.
The web service can also store the test result to the QRM result database.
The service is very robust and if the network is temporarily unavailable, the service will store the reports locally and retry until it succeeds. Multiple sites can be connected by using the distributed architecture of QRM. The QRM Web application is used to view and analyse test results as products are being produced.

Web Interface

QRM has a powerful web interface for easy access to view and analyze the test results. It is also possible to generate pdf-reports and export data to both Excel and Minitab.

  • Overview – get fast overview of the production and yield from all over the world
  • Test Report – view test results and generate PDF-reports
  • Production Statistics – view produced units, yield, and most common faults over time based on product, variants, stations or locations and generated PDF-reports or export to Excel
  • Yield Analysis – break down yield problems into the measurements that cause the low yield
  • SPC – Perform statistical process control analysis to verify that your measurement process is stable and under control by using the common SPC methods and diagrams in order to fine tune your requirements
  • MSA – Perform a Measurement System Analysis to verify that your measurement system is not the source of variations in your measurements. Automatically perform Gage Type I or Gage R&R analysis
  • Repairs – Manage repairs for your units to track repaired units and the most common repairs
  • Station Utilization – Analyze how your test stations are utilized by type of product tested, test times and utilization by day
QRM Explained!!

QRM Benefits

  • You remain the only owner of the results and the system.
  • easy to move between suppliers.
  • see same information as your suppliers.

Fast production feedback

  • see results and yield within minutes.

Easy access

  • web based
  • reports
  • statistics 

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10/11
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 R2/2012 all versions (license is not included)
  • Browsers IE (Internet Explorer), Firefox, Safari and Chrome are all supported
  • Client QRM ATML drivers available for LabVIEW, TestStand and .NET

Check below some images taken from the actual Browser screen you get after your login.

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