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LED detection probes

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Optomistic Shortform Catalogue.

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An Optomistic light probe solution consists of two parts the sensor and the light probe. First you need to be clear on what sensor would work for you, please visit our sensor selection page if you do not know which sensor to use.

If you have selected already the correct sensor for your job, then look in the chart below and click on the pictures to get the requested information to select the best light probe product for your specific application. If you want more information or download our latest catalogue by clicking on the image or please visit go to the contact area, here.

Make the Light probe selection by choosing your application.

Select your fiber optic part

Found your application and light probe, then click the appropriate document below. 


Small Aperture Probes Duplex and Trident Small Aperture Probes Wide Aperture probes
Small Aperture Fiber Optic Light Probes Duplex & Trident Small Aperture Fiber Optic Probes Wide Aperture Fiber Optic Light probes
Wide Aperture Probes, Rigid Wide Aperture Probe Rigid, spring loaded Wide Aperture Probe Spring loaded contact
Wide Aperture Light Probes,
Wide Aperture Light Probe,
Rigid, spring loaded
 Wide Aperture Light Probe,
Spring loaded contact
Very Wide Aperture probe Side-facing-LEDs  Installation Accessories 
 Very Wide Aperture Light probe  Light Probes for Side-facing-LEDs  Installation Accessories

If you need more information or download our latest catalogue, please go to the contact area, If you want to select another type of sensor, visit the sensor selection page. 

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