ECT Pogo testprobes.
ECT Pogo testprobes.

Pogo test probes are a the best probes you can buy for PCB Test Applications.

Everett Charles Technologies-Contact Products Group has been a leader in the development of advanced test products since 1965. Our line of products includes signature PogoPlus® Contacts (Pogo test Probes), loaded and bare board probes, battery interconnects, and semiconductor test products. ECT continues to expand the limits of test technology with innovative probe designs that deliver higher quality, longer life, and better performance.
The PogoPlus® Series address the unique demands of loaded board testing, featuring an enhanced version of the legendary bias-ball design to virtually eliminate “false opens”. ECT offers a full range of sizes and tip styles to accommodate all manners of testing requirements.

ECT Pogo Probe Downloads
Visit the Testprobes download page.

More Information on the Pogo test Probes;

  1. Available Tip Styles and Test Centers -72 (.050 / 1,27mm) -1 (.075 / 1,91mm) -25 (.100 / 2,54mm), see Picture below.
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Conventional POGO test probes overview click the image to enlarge

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