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ICT Test Fixture Kits and Options

NEW!! Pneumatic Dual Stage Mechnism.

The Right Test Fixture Solution

ECT can Provide the right fixture solution based on the complexity of your PCBA, production volume, and custom requirements with vacuum, mechanical, or pneumatic applications.

Vacuum-Actuated Kits and Customized Fixtures

Available for the HP307x Test Platforms

ECT + fixtures are based on the original APG fixture design and offer unique specifications to meet the challenging printed circuit board needs. ECT + fixtures are very robust and specifically designed for hi-volume usage in manufacturing.They are capable hitting targets as small as 20 mil reliably and repeatedly and provide extremely accurate top-side access probing Many ECT + fixtures will surpass the stringent target measures by having less than 0.005 deviation from the center point. This repeatable strength is APG’s fixture success story.ECT + offers a complete line of 3070 In-circuit fixtures which have the capability of top and bottom probing and functional Slide access. Testjet may also be positioned from the top, bottom or side access. This unique approach allows for a company to simply provide the cad data and a complete design for a fixture and program will be generated and verified on the 3070 system.

From simple to highly complex customization with up to 2500 or more test probes.

From simple to highly complex customization with up to 2500 or more test probes.

Vacuum-Actuated Kits and Customized Fixtures Available for;

ECT Micromatrix kit

  • Keysight, Agilent, HP, HP307x,
  • Genrad 2270/71, 228x,
  • Teradyne Z18xx,
  • Spectrum,
  • Test Station,
  • TRI,
  • Marconi, IFR, Aeroflex,
  • Wayne Kerr,
  • and Checksum

ECT fixture technology combines innovative engineering and exacting manufacturing assembly techniques to provide the most precise loaded board fixtures in the ATE industry.

  • Manufactured to a tight tolerance range that enables any part of a fixture assembly to be easily interchanged.
  • Parts are drilled on automatic equipment for precise fit and smooth operation.
  • Assembly is performed by skilled, experienced technicians.
  • Ergonomic design positions the UUT and fixture at the most convenient angle to minimize operator fatigue.
  • Fixture opens 80-90 degrees to make all components readily accessible.
  • Fewer parts mean longer fixture life and less maintenance.
  • Recessed finger grips are located at the best balance position for easy handling.
  • One-piece Uni-Seal gasket is life cycle tested for more than 250,000 cycles.
  • Quarter-turn locks open easily for spring-assisted removal of top plate for service or diagnostics

Agilent 307X Kit

ECT Kits offers 3070 short-wire units, in a variety of sizes. Each probe plate and top plate are made from G10 materials, and inspected to strict inspection standards. The top surface of each plate is black in color…and has the Agilent 3070 silkscreen image applied.
The top plate surface has ESD properties of 10(6)- 10(9). The ESD property is an ingredient of the upper layer G10 surface.
The alignment between probe plate and top plate is provided by ECT´s unique quarter-turn, quick-release feature. These latch/alignment mechanisms are present at each of the four corners, for optimal alignment.
All units are provided with (2) Alum-A-Lift II series handles, an aluminium frame, and a one-piece personality pin plate.
Standard top plates have a 5.08mm (0,20″) thickness, while units with Zero-Flex top plates (ZF) have a 7.62mm (0.30″) thickness.  MMM, MMXM, MML and MMXL size units have 17,78mm (.60″) thick probe plates.

Kit Model Number



Working Area (WxL)

Top Plate
Probe Plate
Additional Information
MMM-3070-D 825911-1 298 x 412mm 401 x 455mm 5.08mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix Medium
MMM-3070-D-ZF 825940-1 298 x 412mm 401 x 455mm 7,62mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix Medium
MMXM-3070-D 826926-1 320 x 412mm 496 x 452mm 5.08mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix X-Medium
MMXM-3070-D-ZF 826927-1 320 x 412mm 496 x 452mm 7,62mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix X-Medium
MMXM-3070-D-ST 826928-1 171 x 304mm 235 x 362mm 5.08mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix X-Medium
MML 3070-D 825955-1 635 x 412mm 759 x 452mm 5.08mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix Large
MML 3070-ZF-D 825956-1 635 x 412mm 759 x 452mm 7,62mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix Large
MML-3070-D-ST 825959-1 267 x 412mm 378 x 452mm 5.08mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix Large
MMXL-3070-D 825960-1 635 x 412mm 759 x 23.06 5.08mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix X-Large
MMXL-3070-D-ZF 825964-1 635 x 412mm 759 x 23.06 7,62mm 17,78mm Micro Matrix X-Large

Top Plate Hardware

Compressing the PCBA evenly against the test probes and making reliable contact to the test pads is critical to maximizing test performance. The ECT team will evaluate your PCBA and your manufacturing test environment to determine the best top plate hardware solution for your fixture. Our standard products are designed to fit on our Micro Matrix Kits and minimizing the loss of usable area to place your PCBA:
Push and Hold -Down mechanisms for use on ECT ICT test fixure kits.

Push and Hold -Down mechanisms for use on ECT ICT test fixure kits.

 Work areas  with Vacuum box Assemblies  on top of the Fixture.
  .        Model Number        .
Usable area (WxL) Overall working area. (WxL)
VCII-3070-M/L-ST  249mm x 388mm  317mm x 441mm
 VCII-XM-3070-ST  157mm x 345mm  229mm x 400mm
 VCII-XM-3070-IN  378mm x 299mm  449mm x 350mm
   VCII-XM-3070-OUT  383mm x 391mm  449mm x 441mm
 VCII-L-3070/2030  624mm x 388mm  693mm x 441mm
VCII-XL-3070-ST 241mm x 421mm 310mm x 574mm
VCII-XL/XL-3070 602mm x 520mm 672mm x 574mm

Aviallable test fixture dimensions for Agilent 307X kits

Customized Fixture Options

We offer most of the common and complex options to ensure a complete and accurate test of your PCBA. These are a few of the many options and accessories available from ECT.

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