iDock, new Docking connector from VPC.

IDock docking connectors

Automatic iDock Docking Connectors.

VPC is extending its portfolio with two new automatic iDock docking connectors:
the D1 and the D3/D4. Both connectors feature an engageless frame for use with automatic test handling equipment to mate test adapters.
Automatic docking connectors reduce the time it takes to test, making them an ideal solution for production or manufacturing environments.
It also minimises operator interaction, which reduces the opportunity for error.

High speed USB3
High Speed PCB solution for USB-3 applications

A robust and reliable hybrid interface, particularly suited to manufacturing and product test application, the iDock Series offers reliable transmission options for signal, power, high current, high voltage, coax, high speed data rates, and fiber optic. 

The flexible, modular design of iDock Series connectors allows the user to consolidate a variety of connection types to into individual connector solutions.
iDock Series connectors can be used for automatic docking or in a reliable frame format for rack and panel applications.

VPC’s floating bushings help to ensure a successful mate each and every time.
A floating frame paired with guide pins provides precise alignment between the receiver and ITA with each mating cycle.

Icon modules
Icon Hybrid module solutions

Hybrid I/O Modules

More Options. Shorter Leads Times. The iDock Series is compatible with iCon or 90 Series modules.
VPC offers dozens of hybrid module configurations to accommodate signal, power, pneumatic, fiber optic, RF, or high speed digital data.

Icon High speed
High Speed PCB solution for USB-3 applications

PCB Options Available

VPC offers PCB configuration for the iDock Series.
Since the frame is compatible with iCon or 90 Series modules, it’s PCB-ready for VTAC Right Angle or QuadraPaddle Right Angle

Floating Bushings
Floating Bushings

Floating Bushings in iDock mounting frame

In an automated test setting, misalignment can lead to catastrophic failure. VPC docking frames are equipped with floating bushings to provide up to .040″ [1.016 mm] of radial float to compensate for alignment. The floating bushings preserve the frames and contacts and are rated for 100,000 mating cycles.

Reversible iDock Frame

D3 for 90 series modules
D3 for 90 series modules
D4 voor Icon modules
D4 voor Icon modules

The D3/D4 frame is a larger version of the D1 that is capable of two different module types.
The reversible frame allows customers to mount iCon modules on one side and 90 Series modules on the other.
The guide pins can be unscrewed and moved to the reverse side to accomodate the change.

iDock Brochure!
Download the iDock Brochure!

The D3 configuration is compatible with any of the dozens of 90 Series modules customers use in our larger test systems, while the D4 configuration is compatible with the iCon-style modules used in our iSeries family.

Regardless of the configuration chosen, the connector offers high hybrid I/O density in a format that is less than 2U in height.
These solutions are designed with floating bushings on both the ITA and receiver frame, providing up to .040″ of radial float to realign the frames on engagement.

Both the D3 and the D4 configurations will use the same D3/D4 frame and part number.

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