6TL-08 Compact Testing Unit

6TL-08 Compact Testing Unit


The 6TL-08 base platform was designed to cover the most common testing and in-system programming (ISP) needs with a reduced initial budget. The system includes a robust manual linear push mechanism allowing a low-cost fixture strategy thanks to the exchangeable cassettes.

The unit have two sizes: Narrow and Wide for PCB’s up to 250x300mm and 250x580mm. The wide size have an option Kit that allows the use of Narrow fixtures.

The platform enclosure features an 8-Slot fixture receiver,
compatible with VPC 90 Series Mass Interconnect Module, as well
as 6TL intelligent YAVModules (YAV90MMU & YAV90059), with room for fast ISP devices, optional PXI chassis and various power supplies. A removable back panel allows easy placement of custom connectors or test auxiliary circuitry.

The 6TL-08 comes in five different configurations:

Basic – as a stand-alone low cost tester with test executive software running on the YAV90MMU (programming of test sequence using an Excel® spreadsheet)

Advanced – as a stand-alone low to mid cost tester, with a PC, where LabVIEW / TestStand, Visual Basic or some other software development tool can be used to create the test sequence.

Universal – Same as Advanced, but including an advanced compact measurement unit: DMM, Function Generator, Scope, Logic Analyzer, DIO, Power supplies.

Plus and Premium – As a PXI based stand-alone compact tester, which is expanding the capabilities of the base platform up to High Frequency measurements or sophisticated SMU’s, stimulus, measurement, communications and digitizing options available. Any additional Instrumentation Bus for rack and stack instruments can be implemented.

Wide version available for big area DUTs

Download the 6TL-08 catalog here!

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