High Cycle Life with VTAC

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IDock, Docking Connectors

High Cycle Life Automated Testing Inline manufacturing test environments are some of the most demanding test environments in the Test and Measurement industry. With thousands of devices under test and minimal downtime allotted for maintenance, test equipment can quickly fall into disrepair and require frequent replacement. To address this need, Romex customers have used VTAC contacts when other contacts simply cannot withstand the rigors of test. VTAC contacts are sexless and have low insertion force. Their…

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CANBus Multi sensor for ATE.

CAN Bus sensor,  ºC, %RH & hPa Transmitter. In Automatic test systems (ATE's) a change of temperature or humidity will influence the stability of your measurements in case your test equipment is not located in a very tightly controlled and air conditioned area. To cope with these variable situations you need to monitor closely all variables in real time to be able to compensate for changes in the temperature, pressure or Humidity. This is exactly what…

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