YAV90058 Data Communications MUX

Download the Catalogue. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTRr1BOvVPg?rel=0] ? Suitable for 1GigaBit Ethernet, LVDS, RS232, USB and Telephony switching applications ? CAN bus controlled wide differential Bandwidth multiplexer for Differential Signals ? 100R Differential Impedance ? Requiered Quadrapaddle Module 510 151 105 (ITA) or ITA Interface boards

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YAV91001 4xDB9 & 4xUSB(2)-A Interface

The interface YAV91001 uses a Virginia Panel Corporation Mass Interconnection Series 90, 64-pin, Receiver module and provides an interface to 4x DB-9 (female) connectors, (CAN-RS232-RS484 etc) and 4x USB(2)-A type connections. On the ITA (Interchangeable test adaptor) side we can use cable assemblies, ask for more information. Download the Catalogue

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YAV90090 Ethernet to CAN Gateway

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YAV90090 LAN to CAN Gateway

The YAV90090 module, allows the exchange of CAN messages between CAN systems via TCP/IP, using existing Ethernet infrastructures. Thanks to the Gateway, the user can control the 6TL modules (which feature CAN bus communication), through TCP/IP from a PC. CAN frames are wrapped in TCP or UDP message packets and then forwarded via the IP network. The YAV90090 Gateway provides one LAN connection and one High-speed CAN interface. The module is suitable for use in an…

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