YAV90090 Ethernet to CAN Gateway

YAV90090 Ethernet to CAN Gateway


The YAV90090 module, allows the exchange of CAN messages between CAN systems via TCP/IP, using existing Ethernet infrastructures.
Thanks to the Gateway, the user can control the 6TL modules (which feature CAN bus communication), through TCP/IP from a PC.
CAN frames are wrapped in TCP or UDP message packets and then forwarded via the IP network.
The YAV90090 Gateway provides one LAN connection and one High-speed CAN interface. The module is suitable for use in an industrial environment.
The YAV90090 Gateway module is configured via easy accessible dip switches.



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? High-performance Arm Cortex-M3 MCU with 512 Kbytes Flash, 120 MHz CPU, ART Accelerator, Ethernet P/N STM32F207IEH6
? USB 2.0 connector for serial data transfer (reserved for factory use)
? Connections for CAN, and power supply via 4-pole Weidm�ller connector
? Reboot and reset of the device to factory defaults with a reset button
? Plastic casing for benchtop operation
? LEDs for device status and power supply
? Voltage supply from 8 to 30 V

LAN properties
? Data transmission using TCP or UDP
? Single Port Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver P/N DP83848CVV
? 10/100 Mbit/s bit rate
? RJ-45 connector with status LEDs

CAN properties:
? One High-speed CAN channel
? Bit rates from 5 kbit/s up to 1 Mbit/s
? Infineon TLE6250GV3CAN transceiver
? Compatible with 6TL modules CAN interface

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