H71003110 6TL-31 Platform test In-Line

H71003110 6TL-31 Platform test In-Line


6TL-31 Platform test In-Line

6TL31 In-Line Test Handler? Handling time for each module<3,5s
? Lean manufacturing footprint
? SMEMA synchronization for OK/NOTOK and DUT OK signal at output transport lines.
? Allows the use of dual well test fixtures in each station, able to execute simultaneously two test processes in every station (For example: on board programming in the first DUT and functional test in the second one), improving the test troughput.
? PCB servo pusher & servo-lifter controlled by a servomotor, for PCB contacting, with 3 test position levels, for different lengths of test probes (Hipot, Functional and ICT tests).
? VPC 9025 Receiver, 25 slots
? Enough free space for additional 19? instruments in front and back side of the platform.
? Teleservice by fixed IP Ethernet connection.
? WxDxH: 765x1300x1600mm
? 17U free rack space

The 6tl-31 in-line handler is based on a compact and truly modular design; its flexibility allows meeting the demands of the products to test with the best scalability.
The 6TL-31?s standard 19? format allows the installation of standard instrumentation in both the front and rear sides of the stations. Each station has the following common elements:
? Power Management and Operator Interface Unit (MMI), P/N H71000700. Integrates all the power management functions and includes an active CAN bus interface with 1500V isolation circuit that reduces the risk of failures due to DUT electrical noise and EMI. All the safety controls are also included.
? Conveyor with sensors for input and output PCB detection and servomotor with numeric control to automatically adjust conveyor?s width according to the corresponding fixture.
? Industrial PC with auxiliary UPS included. The system allows automatic start at power-up and a controlled power-down in case of power failure.
? Servo Pusher (for PCBs length up to 500 mm), with three different levels to choose among three different types of test pins (hipot, functional and in-circuit test).
? Servo Lifter with Virginia Panel 25 slots receiver (for PCBs length up to 500 mm), with three predefined positions (stand-by, operating and fixture exchange).
? The platform does not include the specific test instrumentation and the fixture.

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