YAV90MMU Calibration Kit

YAV90MMU Calibration Kit


YAVMMUCK Calibration Kit for Calibrating the YAV90MMU module.
• Measurement leads
• YAV modules Unplugging Tool
• Contacts resistance compensation (Test Tool# 2)
• CD with calibration software and table of values for YAVMMUCK
• Technical Manual

The Calibration Kit includes the tools for YAV90MMU test and calibration. As the YAV90MMU is the core of the YAVPack Bundle (YPB), this calibration kit is also an option for the YPBs.

The Calibration kit also includes:
– Value known: Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes and Voltage Reference
– Pt100 sensor for direct temperature reading.
– 10Kohm trimmer for trimming test
– Two leads for direct connection to other measurement instruments.
The Test Tool #1 is a PCB features the resistors, capacitors, diodes and voltage reference. Due the accuracy of the measured and recorded values for these components, they can be used as calibrators.
The Test Tool #2 connector, serves as bridge between the contacts of each measurement channel from the YAV90MMU, in order to measure and compensate the complete contact resistance.
The Unplugging Tool is necessary to handle safely the plug-unplug operation of the Test Tools #1 and #2 from the YAV90MMU module.

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