YAV91501 2,5GHz 50Ohm SMB Multiplexer (not terminated)

YAV91501 2,5GHz 50Ohm SMB Multiplexer (not terminated)


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5x (1�8) Mux. + 1�2 + 2x Pass Through
30VAC/DC, 10W Max
Max. carry current 500mA
CAN bus controlled
Form A

The YAV91501 uses so called reflective switches that are not terminated. This version has no 50 Ohm resistors implemented for the unused ports, therefore it might reflect the RF signals back, this effect can potentially damage the RF equipment.
An advantage of not terminating these ports is that the insertion loss will be lower for this model.

The YAV92501 uses so called absorbative switches that are terminated with a 50 Ohm resistor on the unused ports to avoid back reflection of the RF signal, when the channel connected to the load is open.
Note that when the load is closed, as consequence of the added 50 Ohm resistor is that the switch will not be able to handle its full power.


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