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Test probe – test pin – spring probe – pogo pin; these are all generic terms to describe a component that traditionally is used to make contact with printed circuit boards (PCBs) or electrical components, in order to test its functionality and to measure the value of the components. They are widely used in vacuum or mechanically operated test fixtures associated with automatic test equipment (ATE). They are also used inside a functional test station as part of a larger production line. Next to test there are many more applications that need a reliable contact, like battery loaders, door switches, docking connectors, interface connectors etc. etc.
In this news letter you can find some information on test probes and test fixtures to enable you to test your products safely and accurately.

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ECT General Purpose Probes for Board, Module and Final Assembly Testing:

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) offers a comprehensive portfolio of off-the-shelf probes for board, module and final assembly test, which are available at short lead times. For applications, in which ECT’s vast selection of off-the-shelf probes doesn’t meet the requirements of the specific application, ECT’s in-house design and manufacturing resources will develop the solution that addresses the dedicated needs.

In board, module and final assembly test, customers face a wide range of spring probe parameter requirements including overall length, tip geometry, force, size and mounting options. The combination of a comprehensive off-the-shelf portfolio with in-house design and manufacturing for dedicated applications makes ECT the leading solutions supplier.

Many of ECT’s general purpose probes are designed for rugged operating environments such as high temperature and high current resulting in industry proven durability and reliability even in the most challenging environmental conductions. Many ECT general purpose probes feature a full diameter bias ball that provides an uncompromised bias for stable performance at any compression. Because of this feature ECT general purpose probes are an ideal choice for high current and high temp applications such as burn-in, or for use in high shock and vibration environments.

General purpose probes include the industry proven Pylon line as well as EPA/SPA/HPA probes and the A-S, C-S, E-S, F-S and G-S line of probes.

To learn more about ECT’s general purpose probe, please visit This Page.


Substantial Yield Improvements with ECT’s LFRE Probes for PCBA Testing

ECT probes with proprietary lead-free plating passed extensive qualification at a major US based OEM

Everett Charles Technologies’ (ECT’s) LFRE plated probes successfully passed extensive qualification testing verses an incumbent probe at a major US based OEM for power infrastructure equipment. ECT’s LFRE proprietary plated spring probes demonstrated a significant improvement in first pass yield and fully met the customer’s expectations in contact reliability and probe life.

This customer’s fist pass yield (FPY) was negatively impacted by continuity fails due to poor contact. ECT engaged this OEM to optimize probe tip and forces for the board topography, enabling improved FPY. To extend the life of the contacts and address the difficult flux residue on the boards, ECT introduced LFRE plated probes to ensure the improved yield is benefited from for extended cycles. The total solution has achieved the yield goal, and demonstrated a stability that was not achieved with a number of other market solutions.

More information on the ECT LFRE advantages can be found on this page.


Test fixture kits, non- partly-, or fully- customised test solutions.

A linear cassette adaptor (test fixture) from 6TL is combining the advantages of a linear movement with easy, fast and low-cost changeover from one product to another.

The 6TL0X range are flexible linear cassette adapters, with a solid hinged top plate on an ergonomically shaped rugged housing.Housing models are available as “stand alone” fixture solution or including a VPC Mass Interconnect ITA (S6, G12 or G12X)

The reliability and accuracy of the contact between the test pad and the test probe in a test fixture is mainly determined by the mechanical construction used to bring the two together. In the 6TL0X Test adaptor series the linear push down construction is therefore designed using solid aluminium parts.
By means of ball bearings and a specially designed sliding bus we constructed a linear system with an accurate linear movement of 15mm. This allows PCB’s to be contacted from the top and bottom simultaneously. The wide base housing provides enough space for easy access to the wiring, additional electronics or mechanics. The back side and bottom side of the housing can be adapted to different test system interfaces, custom configurable cable or connector interfaces, professional Mass Interconnect interfaces from VPC (S6, G12 and G12X) as well as solutions for most In-Circuit Test systems. The ESD safe cassette is easy removable and has a large usable working surface, up to 580x250mm.

More information on our functional test fixture range via this link.


ECT’s Comprehensive Portfolio of Receptacles Offer Flexibility in
PCB Test Fixture Design.

ECT receptacles combine industry proven technical features with optimized cost

ECT leverages its industry leading experience in probe and receptacle design and manufacture to provide cost-effective and reliable customer-focused solutions for the most challenging ICT and FT applications. ECT receptacles allow for rapid replacement of spring probes without disrupting wiring. ECT’s comprehensive offering of receptacles provides customers with fixture design flexibility that results in an optimal product for their customers.

ECT receptacles meet both commercial and technical challenges. PCB testing requires cost effective and reliable ICT and FT receptacle solutions that allow for the replacement of spring probes in fixture without damaging the electrical connection to the test fixture. At the same time, a stable low resistance path through the probe/receptacle assembly must be maintained while withstanding a rugged mechanical environment.

ECT replaceable probes are retained by receptacles permanently fixed into a retention plate to which electrical connection is made. Typical probe retention is achieved by detents in the receptacle or a threaded connection. Removal of the probe does not damage or break the electrical connection to the retention plate and receptacles.

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