VTAC Mass interconnect interface Patchcords

USB-C Patchcord Een veel gebruikte interface is tegenwoordig de USB-C interface. Deze interface wordt steeds vaker ook gebruikt als communicatie interface in moderne meetinstrumenten maar ook in steeds meer nieuw ontwikkelde applicaties. Hierdoor was de noodzaak aanwezig om ook een USB-C patchcord toe te voegen aan het bestaande, beschikbare pallet van Mass Interconnect patchcords. Mass Interconnect Interface. Een Mass Interconnect Interface van VPC is haast een vanzelfsprekende toevoeging aan een test rack als betrouwbaarheid en flexibiliteit…

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High Cycle Life with VTAC

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IDock, Docking Connectors

High Cycle Life Automated Testing Inline manufacturing test environments are some of the most demanding test environments in the Test and Measurement industry. With thousands of devices under test and minimal downtime allotted for maintenance, test equipment can quickly fall into disrepair and require frequent replacement. To address this need, Romex customers have used VTAC contacts when other contacts simply cannot withstand the rigors of test. VTAC contacts are sexless and have low insertion force. Their…

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Test solution, BUILD it or BUY it?

BUILD or BUY  your test solution that's the question. As an engineer you get your satisfaction from designing solutions for yourself or you employer.  Unfortunately as an engineer you cannot be the best in all disciplines involved in building and designing a test solution. One thing you will be the best in is designing solutions that make money for yourself or your employer. When you want to design a test solution yourself the following items are…

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