IsoDry, Dry-Storage, stikstof opslagkasten

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Special Shelves for the ISODry Cabinets

Terra IsoDry, Dry-storage, dessicator / stikstof opslagkasten. IsoDry Dri-storage Desiccators provide state-of-the-art, patent-pending humidity-control technology to reduce moisture-related degradation of semiconductor components, electronics, medical devices, pharmaceutical powders, and other sensitive materials. Each cabinet employs a gas mixing module that continuously dilutes moisture with clean, dry nitrogen. A variable-flow humidity control system initiates a high flow of pure nitrogen the second an access door is opened or the internal environment exceeds the user-programmed sub-ambient humidity set point.…

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Alles voor uw Cleanroom

Find Everything You Need for Your Cleanroom Gowning Room  Cleanliness is important inside the cleanroom, which is why you invested in a gowning room: find the furnishings, equipment and supplies that will help protect your particle-sensitive operations. Maintain the high standards of your cleanroom with Terra storage cabinets, mirrors, benches, garments, waste receptacles, hand-cleaning stations and step ladders. Watch this cleanroom Video "Schoon de cleanroom in" to see the products in use. most of these products…

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