AS507 Flexible Base Functional Test System

AS507 Flexible Base Functional Test System


End of Line Functional Test Platform

PN: AS507 & AU507 
  • Basic test need covered and ready to use
  • 19? rack 23U high expandable with 9 U extra in robust aluminium profile with side ducts for all test wires trucking
  • Power switch on sequence for low inrush current
  • Safety power management
  • 24VDC 200W power supply
  • CAN bus control
  • Rack temperature regulation with fan speed control

The AS507 test system is based on a 19? frame of robust construction, suitable for an easy transport and it can integrate a height expansion module.

All management modules of the test system are preinstalled, so it is ready to include your instrumentation fast and easy.

The MMI and power management module provides electrical safety, 24VDC power and the Ethernet to CAN bus pass-through gateway. It manages the internal temperature of the rack, modulating the ventilation power.

The smart power distribution unit reduces effects of inrush current by connecting the devices in sequence and allows programming their connection to start the sequence.

AS507 supports tooling receivers from 6 to 25 contact modules (up to 5.952 contacts) or YAV switch cards.

The test management computer is powered by UPS to ensure data permanence even in micro outages or network failures.

The industrial PC has free PCI and PCIe slots in addition to the usual communication interfaces: LAN and USB.

To complete the configuration of the system, all that remains is to select and install the most appropriate instrumentation for the needs of the test to be carried out.

The option to expand the height unit allows to convert the general use test system into a more specialised one for particular needs.

Download here the documentation: 

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