YAV90MMU Multiplexed Measurement Unit

YAV90MMU Multiplexed Measurement Unit



• 4 3/4 digits true RMS autoranging up to 440.00 VAC
• VAC, VDC, Ohms, Pt100, mAAC, mADC, Capacitors, Diodes
• Frequencimeter (Up to 100 KHz) and Duty Cycle
• Peak hold function
• X10 function
• Scanner x16 measurement channels.
• 1000V isolation between measurement channels
• Two isolated Pulse Generator Channels
• External Trigger In and Trigger Out SMB connectors
• Auto zeroing and Self calibration system
• Control via CAN bus or Ethernet LXI
• Gateway LXI to CAN bus
• 8 Programmable digital outputs (PNP 24VDC 300 mA)
• Up to 20 readings per second
• Expandable switching
• High quality connector module (> 20.000 mates)
• Editable build-in test steps sequence

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The Multiplexed Measurement Unit (MMU) contents a powerful subsystem for 16 isolated, 500V data acquisition channels with capability to direct control of external switching and expandable with its CAN bus port.

The device can measure with auto ranging, selecting the scales that will give better resolution or in the fastest way, fixing the range with the measurement command. It can perform the most common general purpose measurements: AC/DC Voltage and Current, Frequency, Resistance, Capacitance and Diodes, with auto zeroing and automatic DC calibration.

Whit its integrated high voltage switching, contiguous channels can be connected to different power supplies or grid phases.

The two isolated push-pull channels of digital pulse generator can be selected as independ-ent mode or as a encoder emulation (90º Diphase), with setting for phase invertion. In independen mode there are four settings: Start (Sinchronized and not sinchronized), Pulses (Continous or burst), Frequency and Duty Cycle (% time ON) per channel. In encoder emulation all the settings are the same but the Duty Cycle, fixed on 50%). When sinchronized mode is selected, the pulses starting in the Trigger In up transition, when no sinchronized, pulses appering just when the command have been decodified. As the pulses are isolated, must be powered with the most convenien voltage for the requiered operation.

• Automatic Test Equipment (Platforms)
• Compact autonomous SMART fixture
• Data logging
• Industry monitoring system

Short Video showing hoe easy it is to integrate the YAVModules inside a Mass Interconnect receiver and how we drastically reduce the need for cables in the system.

See the YAV90MMU In Use in a YAVPack and using MSES software to program the test sequence in MS-Excel.

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