YAVCANCON2 CAN bus counter/register

YAVCANCON2 CAN bus counter/register




• Two independent counters with data storage when not powered
• Used to store fixture data
• 1 input for cycle counting and 1 input for automatic cycle starting
• CAN bus controlled
• Left and Right LEDs

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• Fixture identification
• Spring loaded probes cycle counting
• Automatic cycle start up when detecting the contact of the pressure system
• Storage of conveyor set-up information

This module is designed to give all necessary data to the test system, related to executive software selection, system protection against human errors, automatic adjustment of conveyors and preventive maintenance management through test cycles counting. The module features two independent counters to cover dual dwell fixtures, that are incremented either through pressure system, switch-probe contacts or through CAN bus.

The counting is done when each of the inputs (L=Left and R=Right) is connected to positive, but can be also done through CAN bus.

Category: YAVModules
Sub-Category: Fixture ID Modules

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