YAVModules Custom Step Types (SET)

YAVModules Custom Step Types (SET)


Custom Step Types test software tool;

Phi6 custom step types

the ?6TL Control? dialog window

Within this document we describe the function of our fastATE� Custom Step Types software tool.
The intention of this software tool is to enable engineers that only have a basic-know how in developing test sequences in National Instruments TestStand�, to create correct and consistent TestStand� �test sequence programming code, using a simple menu driven interface.

If you want to develop test sequences� in TestStand� you need the TestStand� development license to be installed on your computer. But with the fastATE� Custom Step Types software tool the much lower cost ?TestStand� �deployment licence? can be used to execute the generated TestStand� �test sequence.� This leads to a substantial cost saving, in software licenses

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