H68002500 YAVPACK Master Script Edition SW License

H68002500 YAVPACK Master Script Edition SW License


Easy to use Test program sequencer capable to handle up to 1000 test steps and running in MS EXcel.

MSES test sequencer in Excel.

Thanks to the YAVPACKs, a low cost tester can be implemented, only with the fixture and the YAVPACK inside.
Basic measurements can be performed with the YAVPACK, thanks to the combination of the smart measurement unit and some switching. To get the best performance, the user can program the test steps, download them into the YAVPACK and start testing.
To implement the test executive, excel can be used thanks to this license. The MMU Master Script Edition software enables the user to write test sequences and transfer operational test step codes to the YAV90MMU (always in the YAVPACK).
The test sequence is based in MS Excel sheet, so that every opeartor can use it.
A maximum of 1000 test steps can be defined.

See below a video showing how to program the test sequence using Microsoft Excel

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