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In this newsletter we like to introduce to you a new High current spring contact probe the, HC500F from ECT and an exiting new versatile configurable and reliable connector, the new i2-MX from VPC, for test and measurement applications.


Everett Charles Technologies Introduces HC500F High Current Probe. 

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) introduces the latest addition to our versatile family of high current probes; the HC500F. The HC500F is rated at 150 Amps DC and is designed for the most challenging applications in a broad range of industrial test applications including transportation, automotive, power grid, military and PCB test.

The HC500 enhances the ECT high current spring probe line. The extensive ECT high current probe offering now comprises 8 different continuous current ratings – starting at 10 Amps and peaking at 150 Amps. All ECT high current probes are optimized to meet the dedicated needs of high current applications. Tip styles have been developed to maximize surface contact and reduce arcing. Body geometries and materials have been defined to minimize resistance. ECT high current probes ensure reliable and repeatable testing up to 150 Amps and support extended test times.

Tony DeRosa, Product Manager confirms:”Our probes are designed to address the critical parameters of high current testing: low resistance plungers, optimized base materials and plating, high temperature spring design, and high current tip geometry. Building on ECT’s experience in probe design and fabrication, we’re able to offer these rugged and reliable solutions for high volume production and engineering characterization testing.”

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“ECT probes are an ideal choice for high volume as well as engineering characterization applications. The new CSP-40 probe family leverages Xcerra’s extensive experience in providing solutions for signal integrity sensitive applications. We have over 10 years of simulating complex test structures including probes, PBCA’s and launches. We build and test many structures to validate our products and corresponding models." 

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i2-MX universal, free - configurable connector.

The question for more flexibility and higher demands of data throughput has triggered the engineers of Virginia Panel Corporation (VPC), to develop a new connector concept based on their successful Icon Mass Interconnect Range of connector products.  With the succesfull i2 Micro Icon as a base they developed the new i2-MX.

i2 MX, VPC’s new small connector offers a configurable connector in a slim 0.8" (+/- 20mm) footprint and provides EMI protection features. With multiple I/O options to choose from, i2 MX allows you to engineer the ideal connector to meet your test application needs.

Below a short list of all its benefits.

• i2 MX enables mixing of signal, power, VTAC HSD and coax

• EMI-shielding available

• Maximum cable bundle capacity with innovative cable exit

• Easy access for trouble-shooting and maintenance with removable side panel

• Interchangeable modular inserts to fit any requirement

• Increased contact selection: QuadraPaddle, TriPaddle, Micro Coax/Power, Mini Coax/Power, VTAC HSD up to 12,5 Gbps.

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• Four preconfigured solutions available

• Spring-locking tabs fasten over latching post for secure engagement

• Slimmer, metal engagement knob allows increased horizontal stackability

• Reversible all metal backshell for multiple mounting options

• Specifically designed Receiver strain relief for reliable patchcord alignment and security

• Printed circuit board options include: horizontal mounting with use of stake pins, right angle mount with use of header, and i2 to flex print solutions

• Innovative header easily adapts i2 for quick termination to standard connectors such as VHDCI and 68 Pin SCSI.

• Flying Leads ITA Cable Assemblies enable Pin Your Own Configuration flexibility 

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