YAV90MMU, 4¾ Digit DMM with 16-Ch Mux

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YAVModules Switches, Matrix and Multiplexors.

YAV90MMU Programmable Measurement Unit 4¾ digit True RMS Auto-Range, up to 600 VAC VAC, VDC, Ohms, Pt100, IAC, IDC, Capacitors, Diodes Frequency meter (Up to 400 MHz) and Duty Cycle (Up to 1 MHz) Peak hold function Scanner x16 [600VRMS Measurement Channels] Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) >1500V between Measurement Channels Two isolated and programmable pulse generator channels. Selectable output voltage. External Trigger-In and Trigger-Out SMB connectors CAN bus or Ethernet control Ethernet to CAN bus gateway…

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TestStand Custom Step-Type test software tool.

Custom Step Types test software tool; Within this document we describe the function of our fastATE® Custom Step Types software tool. The intention of this software tool is to enable engineers that only have a basic-know how in developing test sequences in National Instruments TestStand®, to create correct and consistent TestStand®  test sequence programming code, using a simple menu driven interface. If you want to develop test sequences  in TestStand® you need the TestStand® development license…

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YAV90059 multiplexer volledig Configureerbaar.

De configureerbare YAV90059 multiplexer van 6TL Engineering. Deze multiplexer is speciaal ontwikkeld voor gebruik in test en meetsystemen. De YAV90059 configureerbare multiplexer is onderdeel van het 6TL fastATE concept. Een concept wat is ontwikkeld speciaal voor iedereen die een testsysteem wil gaan ontwikkelen. Met fastATE is iedere engineer in staat een testsysteem te ontwikkelen en te bouwen, of te laten bouwen, in een zeer korte tijd, zonder dat er concessies hoeven te worden gedaan aan de…

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