H710027600 6TL-27 Off-Line testing Platform

H710027600 6TL-27 Off-Line testing Platform

6TL-27 Off-Line Testing Platform

PN: H71002700  Categories: Base Test Platforms, OFF-LINE Base Test platforms
  • Compact, transportable and modular platform. Free available rack space
  • Ready for ICT, FCT, Boundary Scan, HiPot, Vision or any combination of the previous technologies.
  • MMI and Power Management Unit P/N H73000700
  • Industrial PC with free PCI slots
  • Mass interconnect Receiver from Virginia Panel (Available options G12 and G12X)
  • Ready for different fixuring technologies
  • Ready to be used with YAV modules as switching technology or other switching modules (24Vdc Power Supply included)
  • Ready for operation with Servo drived automatic pushing mechanism Contact us for configuring your own 6TL-27

Contact us for configuring your own 6TL-27

6TL-27 Testing platforms are based on modularity concept; its construction is completely modular and scalable, allowing the user to take advantage of a powerful and reliable platform with a minimum investment.

The platoform is compact and due to its reduced footprint can be integrated easily in any production line. It’s ideal for High-Mix Low-Mid Volume production environments.

The standard supply of the platform includes the fixtures receiver with a multipurpose I/O module, as well as two 19 inch rack frames to stack COTS instruments. Lower 19” rack has 14 free space Units. Front upper rack has 6U and is used for MMI, UPS and 2 free U.

The control can be done by IPC or by an PXI chassis, to integrate PXI instruments on it.

When talking about Receiver capacity, two options have been taken into consideration:
• VPC G12 (12 slots for tripaddle and quadrapaddle VPC modules) for general purpose applications
• VPC G12X (18 slots) for more demanding applications. G12X receivers are compatible with G12 fixtures.

Download here the overview brochure with our fastATE base test solutions.

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