8060900 xActive probe

8060900 xActive probe


Active Probe 50Ohm Single Ended SMB

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PN: 80609000Categories: 
  • 50 ohm Output Impedance
  • Low capacity and high input impedance
  • Measurements referred to GND
  • DC to 110MHz bandwidth
  • SMB connector to instrument
  • 3-pin JST connector for +/-15V Power Supply

The single ended active probe helps to carry weak HF signals far away with the minimum disturbance of the original source. The module accepts discrete wiring or direct spring loaded test probe solder. In any case, the input signal wires might be as short as possible.


  • Signal measurement with minimum perturbation of the source signal integrity
  • Output impedance compatible with coaxial cables paths to measurement instruments

Use the Active Probe with the RF multiplexer YAVHF3X450, inside the test fixture.

Category: YAVModules
Sub-Category: Active Probes

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