AL568 USB 18Ch Color Analyzer

AL568 USB 18Ch Color Analyzer


AL568 USB 18Ch Color Analyzer

The AL568 18Ch Color Analyzer module, based on RGB coordinates, is a low-cost effective tool to discover KO parts in mass production LED products.

Since the raw data collected when probing a LED, are their RGB coordinates (from RGB and C parameters it is converted to RGB), and not its (X, Y, Z) coordinates, the result provided by the AL568 Analyzer, will not be the wavelength of the sensed LED, but a parameter which will allow for the detection of LEDs that are not identical to the master DUT. The analyser is able to detect, for example, the difference between red LEDs and amber LEDs, or between two different red LEDs, or even different whites.

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? Relative measurement of LED colour and intensity, compared to values provided by a gold-en DUT
? Digital light sensor
? USB 2.1 interface. Mini B Type
? 18-Ch for direct insertion of POF leads
? 4-Sensors per channel: RGB and Clear
? Programmable analog gain and full digital signals processing
? Powered via USB connector
? DLL Library for easy integration into SW.
? Calibrated RGB emitter for board calibration

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Sub-Category: Colour Measurement

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