H73000301 Power management & MMI module Lite version

H73000301 Power management & MMI module Lite version



– 2U height x 305mm depth
– 24Vdc 8A Power Supply
– 230Vac 15A Contactors
– AC Current & Power Factor measurement
– 2x Temp. Measurement
– Cooling fans control
– 2x M12 I/O’s connector
– External Stop and RST
– 5x CAN bus ports
– 1x LAN Ethernet
– 1x RS485
– 1x USB
– 1x Safety Relay x2 Outputs
– Alarm buzzer

This module, named “6TL-MMI Lite version”, is designed to be the interface between an operator and a SYSTEM as well as being a metered power distribution unit (PDU) for it. The module is providing also safety controls, data bus interfaces, temperature control and timers.

The 6TL-MMI is suitable for any ATE, and specially for those based on CAN bus controlled devices, because in addition to the above functionalities, this module is also providing galvanic isolation up to 1500V for the CAN bus. This isolation will block potential disturbance towards the DUT.

The 6TL-MMI is powered from the grid through a bipolar switch for providing power to the Un-switched bus, and through an emergency stop with safety relays to provide power to the Switched bus.

The Switched bus is used to provide energy to the DUT as well as to all the power supplies that will be used to power up the DUT. The Unswitched bus (Two 10A Schuko plugs) is used for powering the control computer through a UPS.

The module includes a universal input DC power supply of 24VDC 8,3A with a thermal fan control. The 24VDC power outputs could be interrupted for energy saving while the system is in Stand-by mode or for resetting the modules.

The 6TL-MMI can be also used by the SYSTEM operator to choose options through the executive SW, or for starting/terminating the test execution.

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