H73000900 Power Supply 510W 5V40/2x12V20/24V3 19

H73000900 Power Supply 510W 5V40/2x12V20/24V3 19


This 1U 19? power unit consists of a configurable modular power supply.
It has 4 slots, so it?s configurable to meet your specific test system power�needs (in addition to the set-up example shown here).
All output power is available via the back of the unit using a VPC mass Interconnect I1 or Icon interface.

H73000900 sample priced configuration ;

  • Outputs: 5V/40A; 2x12V/20A; 24V/3A
  • Can controlled on/off
  • Includes a VPC I1 or iCON mass interconnect.
  • I sense and V trim, Current and voltage set-points can be adjusted by an analog output wired to the rear part of the module. These are not CAN controlled, you have to control them by another additional device (for example our YAV90832, but then a jumper connection inside the fixture has to be added).
Can controlled PSU, rear

Can controlled Power supply rear view with VPC ICON interface

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