6TL02 cassette fixture

6TL02 cassette fixture


The 6TL02, is a flexible linear cassette adapter, with a solid hinged top plate on an ergonomically shaped rugged housing. (Exchangeable cassette, 6TL02-10 is not included)

6TL03 + 6TL03-10

6TL02 fixture + 6TL02-10 cassette

The reliability and accuracy of the contact between the test pad and the test probe in a test fixture is mainly determined by the mechanical construction used to bring the two together. In the MG6TL Test adapter the linear push down construction is therefore designed using solid aluminium parts. By means of ball bearings and a specially designed sliding bus we constructed a linear system with an accurate linear movement of 12mm. This allows PCB’s to be contacted from the top and bottom simultaneously. The wide base housing provides enough space for easy access to the wiring, additional electronics or mechanics. The back side and bottom side of the housing are easy removable and can be adapted to different test system interfaces, custom configurable cable or connector interfaces, professional Mass Interconnect interfaces from VPC (S6, G12 and G12X) or MAC Panel (Titan HZ) as well as solutions for most In-Circuit Test systems. The ESD safe cassette and Pusher Plate are easy removable and have a large usable working surface, depending on the model.

Top Probing

Top probing in a 6TL02 or 6TL03

– Solid construction guarantees a smooth and reliable operation, for the entire kit
– Modular approach removable aluminium back and bottom plate for integration and easy rework.
– Easy exchangeable Cassette system with optional Mass Interconnect ITA interface System (Only 6TL-02 & 03).
– ESD, easy to replace Perspex pusher plate as part of each Cassette including pushers and PCB supports.
– Linear push down unit with 12mm linear stroke.
– Ergonomic design with gas strut support for easy opening
– One hand operation, “close and test”
– Optional switch-probe for Auto start and PCB detection.
– Maximum number of test probes: +/- 900 (2000N)
– Optional Top-Probing possible
– Optional mechanical Side-Probing possible.
Options only available for the 6TL-02 and 03
– Optional internal Mass Interconnect interface with up to 640 signal points or a mix with Power and/or coax.
– Optional “Smart Fixture Support” integration of 6TL YAVPacks

Assembly information 6TL kits

Click on picture for assembly info.

Download here the brochure of the 6TL range of test fixtures.

More specific information about the 6TL01 in DUTCH!!!

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