YAV90048 48 Optocoupled open Drain 42V-6A DOs

YAV90048 48 Optocoupled open Drain 42V-6A DOs



Description and main features
The Optocoupled Digital outputs module is based on:
 Microcontroller sub-module that contents all the logic and interface
 Main board with mass connection interface allocating six isolated blocks with 8 protected
outputs each.

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General features
 48 Digital Outputs NPN distributed on 6 banks with independent power supply and common.
 Thermal Shutdown with Automatic Restart and Overvoltage Protection
 Integrated Clamp for Inductive Switching
 Wide operational range: 3 … 42V and 6A ID MAX (See thermal limitations)
 1500 V Isolation between banks and common control
 CAN bus and LXI (Ethernet) control capabilities
 Trigger in/Trigger output SMB connectors
 High density integration: Only 15 mm width
 LabVIEW drivers available

 Switching a Variety of Resistive, Inductive and Capacitive Loads
 Replace Electromechanical Relays in old applications
 Automotive / Industrial

Category: YAVModules
Sub-Category: Digital and Analog I/O's

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