YAV90832 Multifunction board with 80 in/out

YAV90832 Multifunction board with 80 in/out



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? 40 Input: 16 analog 10 Bit unipolar and three groups of 8 (24 in total) digital input with trigger level selectable.
? 32 Outputs (MOS) with an independent supply in groups of 8 protected and monitored.
? 4 analog output unipolar from 0?+15VDC
? 4 PWM output
? Powerful commands to read the values with triggered automatic filters
? VPC Tripaddle connector
? Can bus controlled, with address and speed selection
? Only 24Vdc power supply
? The module is automatically identified
? National Instruments LabView drivers

? Digital signals monitoring
? Analog Input and output
? 2 square pulses, shifted 90�, encoder emulator
? Fast counter from encoders with 1 or 2 square pulses, shifted 90�
? Relay and/or load actuators

YAV90832 inputs and outputs are sharing the common of the 24Vdc power supply. This common must be connected to the DUTs common.

Analog inputs accept up to +30V voltages with an acquisition resolution of 10 bits +1. They are protected up to +50V.

Digital inputs are organized in groups of 8, conforming banks. The first bank has 16 inputs while a second one has 8 inputs. Each bank has a terminal to set the trigger level. The board has two reference outputs (+2,5V and +5V) to be used as trigger level, in a direct manner or through a voltage divider.

Digital Outputs are organized in groups of 8. Each group has an independent supply voltage pin. They can work from +11VDC to +45VDC, sourcing up to 600mA. Failure monitoring for each group is available.

6 outputs can be used either as powered digital outputs (from terminal 89 to terminal 96) or as modulated outputs: additional four analog ports (from 57 to 60) and four PWM ports (from 61 to 64) are available. When modulated outputs are being used (analog or PWM), the logical status of the digital outputs will be a squared wave which is ON time proportional to the value of that modulated output.

Digital inputs 21-23 and 22-24 can be set as incremental encoder inputs (two channel 90� quadrature, up to 1MHz)


Technical Data

Parameter Nhemonic Conditions Value Units
M�n Normal M�x
Analog input
Measurement voltage range VAIN   0   15 VDC
Input impedance RAIN   ? 1.2 ? MOhms
Resolution MR   ? 10 ? Bits
Maximum uncertainty       �2   Bit
Digital PNP input
Input voltage VDIN   0   30 VDC
Input impedance RDIN     100   KOhms
Trigger level voltage for 1 logic (Selection Ref.) VTRG   2,5 ? 5 VDC
Encoder inputs
Trigger level voltage for 1 logic (Selection Ref.) VDIN   2,5 ? 5 VDC
Counting frequency (Port P3) (2 Encoders) FMAX3       >100.000 Hz
Counting frequency (Port P5) (1 Encoder) FMAX5       >10.000 Hz
Voltage references
Reference voltage 2V5 VR2V5   2.475 2.500 2.525 VDC
Internal resistance RR2V5     100   ohms
Reference voltage 1V25 VR10V   1.237 1.250 1.2625 VDC
Internal resistance RR10V     100   ohms
Digital PNP output
Current I IOUT Permanent ? 625 ? mA
Internal resistance ROUT ON mode ? 200 ? mOhms
Working voltage VOUT   11 ? 45 VDC
Working temperature TWRK   5 ? 65 �C
Analog output
Short-circuit current Source mode (V= 0V) IOUTSource Permanent 16 16 16 mA
Short-circuit current Sink mode (V= 0V) IOUTSink Permanent 11 11 11 mA
Internal resistance ROUT     100   ohms
Output voltage VOUT   0 ? 10 VDC
PWM Output
Current IOUT Permanent   625   mA
Internal resistance ROUT     200   mOhms
Working voltage VOUT   11   45 VDC

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Description P/N
Multifunction board with 80 in/out YAV90832 YAV90832

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