YAVPack00 YAVPack Bundle Basic Kit

YAVPack00 YAVPack Bundle Basic Kit


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Compact, high performance and low cost testing solution
Very Low cost engineering and wiring
100% re-usable!
Direct mains Voltage Handling: AC/DC measurements up to 500V
Ethernet control through CAN bus Gateway (Master Script Edition Sw, based on excel sheet as Option; P/N H68002500)
CAN bus control (Phi6 Drivers)
USB port (Printer or firmware upload)

Stand Alone Smart Fixture for FCT and ISP
PC controlled SmartFixtures
Cell test in Burn-in or Endurance test systems
Switching Units for on-board testing
Data Aquisition
Thermal test (Headsinks thermal resistance)

De 6TL SmartFixture met YAVPack.

Thanks to the YAVPACKs, a low cost tester can be implemented. Basic measurements can be performed with the YPB, thanks to the combination of the smart measurement module (YAV90MMU) and other switching modules.

The YPB is featuring a 4-slot Chassis, and includes:

? YAV90MMU ? Ethernet to CAN
? 24Vdc Power Supply
? Ethernet crossover cable
? Power cord
? Manual 730021Ex

The YAVPack can be also controlled trhough CAN, thanks to:
? Phi6 Drivers
? CAN Cable
? USB-CAN Interface

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