YAV90CLR 16 channels Color meter for LED testing

YAV90CLR 16 channels Color meter for LED testing


? Test up to 16 LEDs (Low to High Brightness) simultaneously
? Fiber optic input channels (POF)
? 1 optical calibration RGB LED output
? Wave lengh (420?650 nm) and luminance (Intensity) readout
? 24VDC single power supply
? OK/NOK comparator threshold settings
? VPC receiver fixture compatible
? CAN bus control
? Built in power supply
? Self module identifier
? National Instruments LabView drivers

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The YAV90CLR module is the most cost effective and accurate automatic LED test device for both Brightness and Color. It has a calibrated RGB light source as a tool for colorimeter channels calibration or optical head dust detection.

Each optical head has an aspherical lense in order to correct the missalignements with the LED under test. A plastic optical fiber lead transfers the light to the ITA connector and the RGB matrix sensor via a temperature controlled (IR compensation) mirror chamber. It have a selectable setting for DC or PWM LED power supply.

The incoming light data is processed in parallel and compared with the OK/NOK desired levels and the results are transferred to the test computer via CAN bus or USB.

The board uses 90 series connection modules and can operate stand alone or be mounted on an standard Virginia Panel receiver.

The supply includes National Instruments LabView virtual control panel and operating software for a true Plug & Play operation

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