YAV91616 16×16 audio/video multiplexer

YAV91616 16x16 audio/video multiplexer



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? Two independent matrix of 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm impedance, of 8�16 and 10�16
? Six programmable analog outputs from 0?+10V and up to 100 mA per output
? Up to 60 MHz
? Able to manage audio and video signals.
? Can bus controlled, with address and speed selection
? Only 24Vdc power supply
? The module is automatically identified
? National Instruments LabView drivers

? Audio and video signal commutation in auto-matic test equipment
? Signal selection in broadcast and CCTV

At a glance:
?YAV91616 board is a general purpose 60 MHz BW analogue signal matrix. User can switch 12 called ?audio? inputs to any of 16 outputs and 9 called ?video? inputs to any of 16 outputs. The electric conditions for all inputs are to keep the range of 0 to 5 Volts and same condition for video inputs. Voltage range for all otputs are 0 to 10 V with high load impedance and 0 to 5 V with 50 or 75 Ohm load. The board can be used with any video format including Hi Definition analog (DC to 30 Mhz) but can be used with other kind of signals that meet input voltage an Bandwith specs.?

The board YAV91616 is a software controlled multifunction device that features two switching matrixes, one dedicated to audio, the other one to video, and an analog signals generation system with configurable voltage levels.

This device can send the signal that is presented to any of its available inputs (12 for audio and 9 for video) to any of its outputs (16 for audio and 16 for video). In addition, any of these analog outputs can supply independently a reference voltages over low or high impedance charged lines.

The module features a logic address setting by means of a set of dip switches. A maximum of 64x YAV91616 boards are possible in one test system.

The control of the module is through CAN bus. The supply includes National Instruments LabView virtual control panel and operating software for a true Plug & Play operation.

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