YAV90128 128 relays 0,25A configurable Scanner/Matrix

YAV90128 128 relays 0,25A configurable Scanner/Matrix



? 128 relays organized in 4 lines of 16 and 8 lines of 8, which can be configured as scanner or matrix mode.
? Up to 0,25A per relay contact
? Only 24Vdc power supply
? The module is automatically identified
? National Instruments LabView drivers

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? Signal commutation in automatic test equipment.

A unique YAV90128 module is able to do all combinations of signal computation at low frequency between the device under test and the various measuring instrumentation inside a test system.

It is organized in 4 lines of 16 relays and 8 lines of 8 relays each, with contacts that can be configured as scanner or matrix, individually in each test fixture. This configuration possibility makes it ideal to be used in automatic test systems where maximum flexibility is needed.

Only a 24VDC power supply is needed to power the board, wired at the back 4 pin connector together with the CAN bus port.

With its 192 pin Quadra paddle connector it has dedicated inputs to automatically identify its position in the test system, in case more modules are mounted.

It has CAN bus control and all the software needed to be used ?Plug & Play? in systems based on executive software LabView and TestStand.


Relay contact specifications
Maximum switching voltage (AC/DC) 100 V
Maximum switching current (AC/DC) 0,25A
Peak current 0,5 A
Maximum switching power 10 W
Isolation resistance between coil and ctc >1012 V
Capacity at open contacts 0,14 pF
Contact resistance 120 mOhm
Mechanical endurance 250x10E6
Rated operation voltage 19 ? 29 VDC � 0%
Max. current req. @ 24Vdc 100 mA

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128 relays board configurable Scanner / Matrix YAV90128 YAV90128

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